2015’s Best Bites

Today’s holiday countdown post deals with that most festive of subjects – the NYC restaurant scene! Gothamist’s list of their ten favorite new restaurants of 2015 skews surprisingly downtown-heavy – see, the East Village isn’t over yet! – and, aside from famed Momofuku Ko’s new location, their picks are rather accessible in terms of atmosphere and price point.

It’s tempting to attempt to hit all these spots before year’s end, as 2016 will no doubt usher in a slew of new eateries to try…not a bad way to pass the last few days of 2015! If it’s true that you spend your year the way you ring it in, one could do worse than eating one’s way through one of the best food cities in the world. Gothamist’s list is only a jumping off-point…and a fun slew of options for the remainder of the holidays. Happy dining!


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