A Landmark Airbnb Ruling

Don’t mess with rent-stabilization laws, y’all. We all know Airbnb has its merits, usefulness, time, place, etc…know where it absolutely doesn’t have a place? A rent-stabilized New York City apartment. The eviction of this Airbnb host – who was profiting from his rent-stabilized Hell’s Kitchen apartment – marks a significant step in the city’s crackdown on violations of short-term rental laws. Details of the ruling over at TheRealDeal. Take the Housing Court’s word for it, NYC renters – don’t do it. Too risky (not to mention arguably quite unfair…).

On the flip side, here’s some Airbnb ingenuity that, alas, also didn’t quite work out for the wannabe amateur hotelier…but a solid effort, and admirable use of snowstorm Jonas. Behold, this Brooklyn igloo.


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