Beyond Head Shops and Hippies and Hipsters, a History of St. Marks Place

A fascinating read about a street and neighborhood that’s long been very dear to this blogger’s heart…whatever changes St. Marks Place and the East Village have undergone in just the past decade, whatever recent complaints about gentrification and ‘hipsters’ (can that term permanently go away already?) and the influx of trustafarians and the loss of local color and character and price hikes and so on and on, this Curbed article is a meticulously researched reminder of the fact that this area’s history is rich, long and storied with many more chapters to come.  Lots of cool details therein – for instance, that walk-up building we may rush by without a single thought en route to that hot new Alphabet City restaurant most likely once played host to a great poet, activist, artist, or a notable historic event.  That, though, is delightfully true of so much of New York.

Read the full Article at Curbed…


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