L-Pocalypse Now (Or, Soon)!

Yep. It’s happening. Remember the last time we talked about this? Since then, the prospect of the L train – which is the primary, if not only, mode of transport from Brooklyn to [...]


Brexit Business

Almost three weeks out from the Brexit, the initial uproar has died down, a surprise candidate is taking over Cameron’s seat as prime minister – Theresa May, first female PM since [...]


More Bad News for Airbnb

Another loss for Airbnb, a win for affordable housing, unionized hotel employees, neighborhood safety and more: as per Gothamist, a bill introduced in December has finally passed through state [...]


To Rent or To Buy?

Lo and behold, another Streeteasy gem for some fun and informative weekend reading and pondering…in this useful guide, they tackle the ‘tipping point:’ the amount of time after [...]


More Airbnb Chicanery

Come on, you guys – ‘you guys’ being Airbnb – there’s already enough gray area and questionability with the whole operation, especially in the NYC market; bad press [...]


Condos Vs. Co-Ops…and Condops?

The always helpful and knowledgeable folks over at Streeteasy are responsible for this concise yet thorough pro/con list about co-ops versus condos…and a little-known third option! Always a [...]


Brooklyn for Budgeters? Think Again…

We’ve heard about this before – we’ve written about this before – and here it is again from Business Insider. According to data from RealtyTrac, Brooklyn is the least [...]


A Landmark Airbnb Ruling

Don’t mess with rent-stabilization laws, y’all. We all know Airbnb has its merits, usefulness, time, place, etc…know where it absolutely doesn’t have a place? A [...]


The L-pocalypse is (probably) Coming!

By now most New Yorkers have heard about Governor Cuomo’s plan to refurbish 30 subway stations over the next three years, along with other spiff-ups to the oft-complained about [...]


Another Answer From REBNY

As we’ve demonstrated, we love REBNY‘s (that’s the Real Estate Board of New York) helpful ‘Legal Line Question of the Week.’ As their newsletter is only available to [...]

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