Brooklyn for Budgeters? Think Again…

We’ve heard about this before – we’ve written about this before – and here it is again from Business Insider. According to data from RealtyTrac, Brooklyn is the least affordable housing market in the country – with Manhattan not even coming in second (that’d be San Francisco). This is, of course, partially because of the saturation of Manhattan…and yet, it also makes Manhattan a more viable option, particularly newly desirable – and still accessible, though quickly appreciating – neighborhoods.

Important to remember, however, that this data deems Brooklyn so ‘unaffordable’ based very specifically on the intersection of the median income and the median home price. Medians being what they are, outliers – in the form of deals and surprise finds – are actually more the norm, and great homes at affordable prices can still be found in Brooklyn, Manhattan, everywhere – take a browse through the listings and see.


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