Look, Ma, We’re on TV!

Yes, that is my (me = Anastasia, the person behind most of these posts) face up there. Yes, that is the most flattering screenshot I could find. You’re welcome.

A little background on Curzon’s moment in the spotlight: we use – and very much enjoy – WeWork, a rapidly growing collaborative shared office/work space. A little while ago, PBS Newshour did a segment on WeWork’s increasing popularity, and yours truly got the opportunity to talk about my experiences using their facilities.

As the piece was about WeWork and not, alas, all about us, none of my name drops of Curzon Real Estate made it past the editors, none of my expounding upon our unparalleled culture of customer service and industry expertise…but please enjoy my enthusiasm about ‘free spa water and beer after five,’ as well as a really bizarre typing gesture towards the end of the clip. If you must. Vanity almost prevented my posting this, but all publicity is good publicity?

Check out my illustrious appearance here and the full segment about WeWork, if you wish, over at PBS.


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