GENERAL MANAGER. Broker of Record NJ. Licensed Agent & Relocation Specialist

Margaretha Heidel is General Manager of Curzon Real Estate.  She is Broker of Record for Curzon’s New Jersey team and an agent in the NYC market.  A native Midwesterner but long time New Yorker, she and her family currently make their home in Hoboken, NJ. Margaretha’s background experience is as varied as her interests, beginning with a passion for theatre and music and long record of hospitality experience in the finest NYC hotels. Drawing from her experience as a Concierge, Margaretha is at home working with clients from around the world as well as those closer to home. She enjoys learning about other cultures and perspectives and how they translate to fit your new situation in this vibrant metropolitan area.


“Thanks Margaretha for another successful assignment and for taking such great care of our customers.”
“My experience with Margaretha was a very pleasant one. She certainly knew exactly what type of apartment I was looking for and she was able to show me many options. Her knowledge of the NYC market was quite impressive. I would certainly recommend her to others. And who knows, in a couple of years when my lease expires, I will seek her out if I decide to move to a different property.”
“Margaretha did an excellent job, exactly what we were looking for to support our search. She was knowledgeable about neighborhoods and buildings we would like and a pleasure to be with for 2 days.”
“Margaretha was excellent to work with and frankly, the best broker we have ever had. She hit all our priorities. She had done a wonderful job researching, selecting and setting up properties for us to see. Our days were well organized and kept the pace we needed given our short timeframe. I also particularly appreciated her ability to recognize – on the go – what was drawing us and what was not and her willingness to add or rearrange a viewing when she felt like it would be beneficial.”
“Can’t thank you enough. Your know-how, professionalism, calm manner and tenacity were amazing.”
“Margaretha, I am lost for words!!!! THANK YOU, really speechless. No words are good enough.”
“Margaretha was very professional and through some initial phone calls and then two days of apartment tours helped us identify a place to live very quickly. We were extremely satisfied with her service.”
“I want to thank Margaretha for the great work done. She has been very agile in using her network to achieve this agreement.”
“This was great. And thanks again because it was you who made this possible and gave me this wonderful home.”
“We returned to our apartment today to a lovely surprise!! Thank you so much for the beautiful gift basket, that really is so sweet, we love it- right down to the doggy biscuits! We are so delighted with our apartment, the building and the area and by the end of this week we will have pretty much all the furniture delivered. Thanks again for all your help!”
“Thank you so much Margaretha. Great to know that the apartment would be ready by tomorrow….You have already helped us with everything that we need and I must say you have been so wonderful. I’ll certainly seek your advice in case of any requirement. Thanks again and have a wonderful week ahead.”


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