Tradition Meets Trendy

Although New York City boasts the largest Chinatown in the United States, the neighborhood has become far more than just a cultural enclave.  Traditions – and a proud population that’s been here for decades – remain firmly in place, but the ever-changing nature of lower Manhattan has made Chinatown a newly desirable place to live.

With prices far lower than most of downtown, yet easy access to everything from the Lower East Side to the Financial District, Chinatown offers practicality and convenience alongside local delights like authentic shops and restaurants full of exotic foods.

The saturation of the Lower East Side with bars and restaurants has meant an increase of hip new places spilling out past its borders and popping up throughout Chinatown, with the area known as ‘Two Bridges’ – at the feet of the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge – becoming particularly popular as a place to both go out, and to live.



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