Financial District

Not Just Commerce, But Community

The Financial District has long been one of the world’s most important centers of commerce and tourism – it is, of course, home to Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange, with thousands of workers and visitors each day – but its hectic days would devolve into deserted evenings after the financiers and tourists departed.

Now, though, FiDi – a new abbreviated nickname is always a sure sign of a neighborhood’s trendiness – is rapidly becoming quite a desirable deal for residents.

The fast pace of its days gives way to relaxed evenings, as dining and nightlife options have only recently begun cropping up – but cropping up they are, alongside more and more residential buildings with tenants eager to enjoy the relatively low prices for luxury living, new bars and restaurants, and some of the best transit options in the city, as almost every subway line serves the area.


Popular Types of Housing

Luxury high-rise condos and rental apartments with comparatively low prices for their amenities stand side by side with commercial buildings; indeed, many of the latter have been converted into the former, as residential demand for the area has grown.


Travel Time

Times Square
Financial District
Grand Central Terminal
Union Square


Stone Street

This cobblestone alley is the social hub of the Financial District. Though flanked by the area’s skyscrapers, the little street looks like something lifted straight out of a small European village. Lined on either side by the highest concentration of bars and restaurants in the area, with al fresco tables filling the street itself during warmer months, Stone Street’s storybook charm makes the block an incongruous but adorable pocket of the otherwise sleek district.

Fraunces Tavern

The title of ‘New York City’s oldest bar’ has been much debated, but there is no doubt that this historic landmark, museum, and darn good watering hole is just as worth a visit as when George Washington himself used it as a base of operations.

Fraunces Tavern
The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog

Rather unassuming for a place just crowned “World’s Best Bar” by industry insiders, The Dead Rabbit does, in fact, live up to the accolade. A rare but perfectly balanced mix of laid-back Irish pub and world-class cocktail kingdom, the relaxed atmosphere belies the perfectly crafted drinks and laid-back but impeccable service. Top notch food, live music, and several floors of conviviality do indeed make a good bid for The Dead Rabbit as a world-class destination at the heart of the Financial District.

The Dead Rabbit
New York Stock Exchange

The world’s largest stock exchange and the symbolic center of the Financial District, the NYSE also provides tours of the trading floor and often has luminaries and celebrities ring the opening bell to signal the start of trade every morning.

New York Stock Exchange
One World Trade Center

On the site of the fallen Twin Towers stands this long-anticipated skyscraper - the tallest in the Western Hemisphere and fourth-tallest in the world. Specifically, it is 1,776 feet tall, with the height a direct nod to the year the United States’ Declaration of Independence was signed.

One World Trade Center


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