Greenwich Village/West Village

Picturesque and Posh

The quaint but luxurious cobblestone streets of the far West Village, as well as the historical and cultural cachet of Greenwich Village – located just a bit further east – have been drawing both eager tourists and  residents for decades.  

In the swinging sixties, Greenwich Village was the epicenter of the hippie movement in New York City, with Beat poets and folk singers making the neighborhood the locus of many a countercultural movement; legends like Bob Dylan, Allen Ginsberg, and Dylan Thomas started their storied careers in the Village.  

In recent years, bohemia has given way to prestige real estate, expensive boutiques, and some of the most beautiful blocks in the city. The lucky locals of Greenwich Village and the West Village get to experience cozy bars and restaurants, ready access to the Hudson River, and some of the most desirable housing in Manhattan.



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