Turtle Bay

Riverside Living in Midtown

The Southeastern part of Midtown East boasts a wide variety of housing options and prices, with residents also drawn to its public parks and proximity to the Grand Central Terminal, the East River, and the United Nations.

Turtle Bay’s community associations ensure a quiet, peaceful quality of life for the neighborhood’s residents; ease of access to Midtown’s transit hubs provides convenience alongside the serenity.

On the southern edge of the neighborhood, one can find the Tudor City apartment complex – 15 Neo-Gothic skyscrapers built as a residential community in the 1930’s.


Popular Types of Housing

Turtle Bay offers a rare, enticing mix of relatively affordable high-rises, including the Tudor City complex.


Travel Time

Times Square
Financial District
Grand Central Terminal
Union Square


United Nations Headquarters

Overlooking the East River, the grounds of the United Nations Headquarters have extraterritoriality status - which does not necessarily exempt those on site from United States and New York laws.

United Nations Visitor Centre
Chrysler Building

This Art-Deco skyscraper is one of the most beautiful examples of the era’s architecture as well as one of New York City’s most recognizable landmarks.

Chrysler Center

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