The L-pocalypse is (probably) Coming!

By now most New Yorkers have heard about Governor Cuomo’s plan to refurbish 30 subway stations over the next three years, along with other spiff-ups to the oft-complained about MTA…improvements, of course, come at a cost, and it seems the highest one here will be paid by Brooklynites reliant upon the L train.

If the repairs go as planned, at the end of 2017 the L train will be shut down throughout all of Brooklyn, aside from the Bedford stop – the first stop out of Manhattan – for what could be up to three years. Needless to say, this could be devastating for the approximately 300,000 (yep) daily riders of the L who require it to get to Manhattan. Commuters and small business owners along the L’s path in Brooklyn are already up in arms – see a video of some reactions over at Gothamist.

Should this shutdown come to pass, proposed alternatives during construction include changes to the G train and shuttle service, but with the L being by far and away the quickest and most popular way to cross the East River into the East Village, huge disruptions to commutes, businesses, and real estate (though Vice’s take on the effect on Williamsburg is amongst the more optimistic) are unavoidable. But hey, at least WiFi on trains is coming…?

All the links in the post are a nice starting compendium of information and reactions to this potential MTA upheaval – stay tuned for more info…


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