To Rent or To Buy?

Lo and behold, another Streeteasy gem for some fun and informative weekend reading and pondering…in this useful guide, they tackle the ‘tipping point:’ the amount of time after which it makes more sense to buy than to rent in New York City.

Guess what? Depending upon your borough of choice – and neighborhoods within the borough, of course – that time to buy can be a lot sooner than you think. Buying in this fantastic, sometimes prohibitively expensive city can seem like not merely a risky proposition but an utter pipe dream…well, read on. The numbers and stats are actually pretty surprising.

After reading and pondering that Streeteasy piece, consider your priorities, think about your life, think about your choices (phrase/advice shamefully stolen from a beloved classic meme), and then head on over to browse through some listings – for both sales and rentals, because who knows…happy Leap Year weekend!


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