A Rare Mix of Hipness and Convenience

Both the neighborhood’s name – which stands for ‘North of Madison Square Park’ – and its desirability are relatively new and trendy as far as the housing market goes.  

Its central location and plethora of commuting options have long made it chock-full of office space, generic lunch spots and chain coffee shops for the area’s office-bound denizens; recently, though, the NoMad area has transformed into one of the city’s hotspots for dining, nightlife, and, consequently, residences for those who want to be in the thick of some of New York’s best offerings.  Several posh hotels offer up their high-end restaurants and bars not just to out of town guests but locals as well, and the area has become a top destination for foodies.  

In spite of NoMad’s fun, fast pace, Madison Square Park anchors the neighborhood and provides residents with a comfortable gathering spot.  Busy but convenient, NoMad is perfect for those who want an exciting and elegant city experience.



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