A Rare Mix of Hipness and Convenience

Both the neighborhood’s name – which stands for ‘North of Madison Square Park’ – and its desirability are relatively new and trendy as far as the housing market goes.  

Its central location and plethora of commuting options have long made it chock-full of office space, generic lunch spots and chain coffee shops for the area’s office-bound denizens; recently, though, the NoMad area has transformed into one of the city’s hotspots for dining, nightlife, and, consequently, residences for those who want to be in the thick of some of New York’s best offerings.  Several posh hotels offer up their high-end restaurants and bars not just to out of town guests but locals as well, and the area has become a top destination for foodies.  

In spite of NoMad’s fun, fast pace, Madison Square Park anchors the neighborhood and provides residents with a comfortable gathering spot.  Busy but convenient, NoMad is perfect for those who want an exciting and elegant city experience.


Popular Types of Housing

Most of NoMad’s residential buildings are luxury high rises that blend in with the sleek offices and hotels that dominate the neighborhood; on some side streets, however, walkups can be found.


Travel Time

Times Square
Financial District
Grand Central Terminal
Union Square


Museum of Sex

Although it skews more educational than explicit, this cheeky museum does indeed sell sex toys in its lobby gift shop, and both its permanent collection and rotating exhibits feature scandalous facts and artifacts of present day and years past. Due to the content, visitors must be 18; entry provides access to the exhibitions, the shop, and a downstairs cafe serving cocktails and allegedly aphrodisiac fare.

Museum of Sex
Church of the Transfiguration

This little sanctuary on the busy corner of 29th Street and 5th Avenue is better known as “The Little Church Around the Corner,” with the nickname derived from its long-standing ties to the theatrical community. In 1870 a nearby church refused to hold an actor’s funeral service, their rector snidely commenting “I believe there is a little church around the corner where they do that sort of thing.” Today, the Neo-Gothic chapel, English countryside style garden, and charming courtyard provide an unexpected respite from the city’s hustle, as well as many free musical performances.

The Church of the Transfiguration
NoMad Hotel

You don’t have to be an out of towner to enjoy the amenities of this dimly lit, sexy hotel. Locals and guests alike have access to its trendy bars and restaurants; the downstairs Library Bar features an award-winning cocktail program in a cozy, posh setting, and the private event space on the rooftop is one of the most coveted in the city.

The NoMad Hotel
230 Fifth

At the top of an unassuming NoMad office building is the always happening 230 Fifth, named after the building’s address and also the city’s biggest rooftop lounge. Sprawling seating, lush greenery, several bars, and unparalleled views of the Empire State Building keep this nightlife staple packed with an attractive, young clientele year round - umbrellas, partial enclosures, and heating lamps keep the outdoor space comfortable no matter the weather.

230 Fifth
Ace Hotel

This trendy hotel’s lobby provides a gathering spot not only for its guests but a fashionable crowd of locals that congregates over laptops and cocktails to work, meet, and be seen. Two restaurants - the seafood focused John Dory and carnivore’s dream The Breslin - a branch of the cutting-edge Opening Ceremony boutique, and an artisanal coffee shop make the Ace an ideal stop for a drink, bite, or meetup in the NoMad area.

Ace Hotel New York

A whiskey aficionado’s heaven, this restaurant is named after the Kentucky town where bourbon was born. Maysville’s elegant take on Southern comfort food provides a perfect backdrop to its floor-to-ceiling library of bourbon, rye, and beyond. The perpetually busy happy hour has the area’s attractive young professionals rubbing elbows and sipping their choice of brown booze; the extensive menu features familiar tipples as well as rare selections.

Maysville Restaurant


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