Corporate Relocation (RMC/DSP’s)

Curzon are experts in the real estate relocation sector acting for both renters and buyers. We work closely with many leading North American and international third-party relocation management companies (GRMC’s, RMC’s, DSP’s) and their clients.  Uniquely, our client relocation support comprises expert real estate agents and independent third party relocation advisors.

Offices & Commercial Real Estate

Offices NYCCurzon represents US and international businesses and other organizations in sourcing and meeting their office and commercial real estate needs in the NYC Metro area and across the US.

Business Support Services

Curzon provides a range of Business Support Services to start-up’s and other business arriving and establishing themselves in New York/US.  This includes introductions to professionals such lawyers and accountants as well as our direct real estate services.

Buyer’s Agent: Private & International Clients

For Private Clients  and others who are looking to buy in New York City or Tristate (NY, NJ, CT) – we provide an independent, confidential and highly professional Buyer’s Service.

It is everyday normal in the US for the Buyer to be represented. We ensure 100% market coverage, including off-market property reach and that the best purchase price and terms are agreed for our clients.

The Seller pays the agent fee which is then shared between the Sellers Agent and the Buyers Agent. Curzon charges a standard Retainer Fee which is then refunded at Closing.

Also available in the UK through  Curzon in London


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