Corporate Relocation (GRMC/RMC/DSP)

Curzon are experts in the real estate relocation sector acting for both renters and buyers. We work closely with many leading North American and international third-party relocation management companies (GRMC’s, RMC’s, DSP’s) and their clients.  Uniquely, our client relocation support comprises expert real estate agents and independent third party relocation advisors.


We act for US and international businesses, SME’s, Not-For-Profit, NGO’s, educationalists and other organizations in sourcing and meeting their real estate needs, who relocate their employees independently.

This service is for those who are managing and paying for their own move or relocation; for those individuals who are not provided with a corporate relocation package or direct corporate or employer support. is our associate partner for “light touch” hourly “Pay-As-You-Go” relocation support. Independent ReloAdvisors can often add to the expert knowledge, beyond real estate,  that leads to successful individual moves and relocations.  This is especially so where the renter/mover is unfamiliar with a new location or needs additional personal support.

Private Renters & Buyers

For private individuals and others who are moving out of – or in to – New York City, NY, NJ or CT – we provide a highly personal, confidential and cost-effective private relocation and move support service.


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