The Search
Your home search with Curzon will begin with working one-to-one with your dedicated expert Personal Relocation Advisor. Whatever your prior knowledge of the New York City area, with our premium concierge style support, we will help you make an informed choice:

In combination with our extensive local knowledge and resources – neighborhood guides, maps, transit information – you’ll begin to get a clear and personalized picture of your ideal home and its location. It’s our job to find it for you.

  • We will advise on search criteria and provide answers to whatever questions come up throughout the process.
  • Curzon agents will keep you apprised of new properties as they hit the market, housing trends, and any other developments that factor into your decision.

The Selection
Curzon will accompany you through every step of the housing process. Our agents have access to every available property in all the areas we cover; after thoroughly perusing our listings database based on your criteria, we will short-list and review the homes that best fit your needs.

  • After carefully selecting several properties meeting your standards, your agent will present you with a list of potential homes.
  • Once the list of homes has met with your approval, it’s time to take a look!
  • Your Curzon agent will take you on a personalized property tour to view the homes that best fit your needs.

We have every confidence you will see your perfect home on this outing. Should for some reason you not see a property which fits your every specification, we will search on your behalf until you do.

The Closing
Once you have seen your desired property, our aim is to secure it for you and get you into your home as soon as possible.

  • Curzon will negotiate your rental or purchase with the landlords and agents involved, ensuring expediency and the best terms, price, and convenience for you at this crucial stage of the process.
  • We’ll manage the closing for you, working with the necessary parties to facilitate a successful and smooth transaction.

Above all, Curzon will ensure that you live in a home you love.


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