If selling or renting your NYC area property is your goal, Curzon Real Estate is equipped to assist in every capacity, acting as your exclusive sales or rental agent as well as your professional marketing agent. To achieve the highest price and smoothest transaction as expediently as possible, we provide every corresponding service to that end.

Based on an assessment utilising all relevant data as well as our extensive market experience, we price your property accurately and intelligently. We identify the best potential buyers or renters for your property and devise methods to target and reach them.

In terms of presenting your property to buyers or renters, we provide thorough marketing services, from staging and showcasing your property to sourcing high quality photos, floor plans and other materials to best present and advertise your home.

Curzon will draw up and execute a bespoke advertising and marketing campaign on your behalf in varying media sources, including real estate portals, multiple listings systems, broker networks, social media, search engine optimization services, direct mailing campaigns and much more, all to ensure maximum exposure of and interest in your property.

Once interest has been shown, Curzon vets and qualifies potential buyers or renters and negotiates optimal terms for you. Finally, we are prepared to manage every stage of the final transaction, from handling board packages to coordinating the effort of all the professionals involved.


Ultimately, Curzon ensures the transaction is concluded swiftly, smoothly, and to everyone’s satisfaction, with you getting the best possible deal on your property.


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