Winter Is Coming…

…no, it’s pretty much here. Happy 2016, everyone!

The new year brings with it a lot of exciting news for all of us here at Curzon – and please watch this space for more on that – but, on a more immediate note, and more in keeping with this first workweek of the year, it’s brought some sobering and seasonal temperatures. It finally feels like winter in New York after an absurdly temperate December (no complaints on that end, and last week’s high of near 70 is very much missed right about now) and as for Boston…well, you guys know you’re going to have some snow sooner than later. Sorry.

So for our Bostonian friends, clients, and colleagues, here’s a helpful article about the ever-vexing problem of sidewalk shoveling…namely, a definitive answer to whose responsibility those sidewalks are in the case of rentals: the tenant’s or the landlord’s. Simple answer is that it’s ultimately the landlord’s legal responsibility, but read on at for the finer points.

Welcome to winter, welcome to 2016, and happy new year! Whatever the weather, it’s going to be a good one.


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